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    • Written by Jennifer K from Saint Clair Shores


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound and fit

    • Written by Jeffrey N from Fairfax

    I have a pair of AirPods I bought when they were first released. While the pairing is easy, the sound is only average and they have a tendency to slip out of my ears. They don’t fall out, but they lose their seal and the sounds gets worse. The result is I am constantly pushing them back into my ears. The Powerbeats Pro have none of the problems. Pairing works just like with AirPods, but they fit better, have stronger bass (but not too much), and are very comfortable. The case is large, but it still fits in my pocket to take to the gym. Very nice product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great earbuds! Worth the steep price...

    • Written by Jeff G from Concord

    These are fantastic earbuds. I have grubbed on my gen 1 AirPods since I could get my hands on a pair, but plane flights, workouts, and commuter train rides still had me reaching for a wired set of Klipsch’s with Comply tips, just to block out the world around me. The AirPods are still my daily grind, but suitable only for times when I need to still hear ambient noise (e.g., at work when I also need to also hear my colleagues behind me). For years I lamented, “Why can’t somebody do AirPods, but with decent isolation?”

    I bough pair after pair of Bluetooth buds, but they all had that stupid cord tying them together. You know, the one that sticks to you as you sweat on the elliptical, the one that still manages to get tangled even though it’s <1 ft long? Yeah, that stupid cord.

    When I saw these announced, I pre-ordered. And boy did they deliver!

    Isolation is fantastic. Bass is strong. Highs are clear. Mids are... soft, but acceptable. They are actually wireless. No stupid cord! And the price is high. But, they are easily the best in class for a class of headphones that is in its infancy. Godspeed, Dr. Dre. You are doing the lord’s work by bringing us Powerbeats Pro!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Powerbeats to date

    • Written by Sepehr A from Santa Clara

    Please note that my opinion on this comes after upgrading from the older PowerBeats 3. After being very hesitant to buy them, I tried a pair at an Apple Store and was sold immediately on the comfort and sound quality. They live up to the famous bass-heavy sound, and compared to previous Powerbeats, there is definitely a stronger bass in this pair, but music quality is crystal clear and sounds the best out of any older pairs.

    Trying them on at a full Apple Store, without even going to max volume, I had completely blocked out all outside a noise. I have not tried the voice calls on these yet, but assuming they will not be as good as AirPods due to their position but still decent. A solid buy recommendation for anyone using previous PowerBeats that has always wanted better sound isolation and a true wireless experience for casual and workout wear.

    The tactile volume buttons are a huge plus, my only complaint is the Beats logo being the play/pause function as it feels like you are also pushing in the headset deeper into your ear which may feel uncomfortable for some. Holding it while pressing does fix this and can still be done with one hand.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    the best

    • Written by Kathy F from Bronx

    they r the best headphone out only thing is they will get damage fast

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