• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Gorgeous Band!

    • Written by Shannon J from Roswell

    It's absolutely gorgeous in person! I knew I'd want another Hermes watchband soon and since I had been wanting a black leather band for a while, I got excited for the Hermes one. It's soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear. I have a silver stainless steel Apple Watch, and it doesn't look weird having the lugs in black instead of silver. It instantly became my favorite band to wear when it arrived. Great quality leather, as expected!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    *Beautiful* watch band, but narrow

    • Written by JESSE M from Irvine

    I'm really happy I jumped on purchasing this Hermes watch band early, as I now see the new ship dates are pretty far out.

    Bottom line: the band is gorgeous, particularly because it's so subtle. Nothing gaudy with this thing. Just a simple, well-designed and elegant black leather watch band. Even the stamping of Hermes is not loud. I'm the type who doesn't care if my watch band is "made by Hermes" out in France or by a random leather worker in Mexico -- all I was looking for was a solid, beautifully crafted black leather band for my Apple Watch, and now I have it. Thank you, Apple and Hermes, for the awesome collaboration on this.

    The reason I took one star off is the band itself is narrower than the normal sport band for these watches. If it were the same size, I would have said it's perfect. If you are a relatively "smaller" guy like myself -- 5-10 and 150 lb -- who doesn't like oversized items, then the band works really well. But if you're a bigger guy (or gal), with heftier hands, you'll probably want to try it on before purchasing, as it might very well look too small on your wrist.


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