• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Wall mount

    • Written by Joshua S from Needham

    I feel the need to write this review because at the time of writing this, no other reviews actually talked about if the mount worked or how well it was built. When ordering this mount, I decided to take my chances based on the 2 bad reviews, because those reviews did not actually relate to the quality of the mount. Before purchasing this, I had looked at some other wall mounts that either got many bad reviews, or were incapable of holding the weight of a 27" iMac. I am very glad that I purchased this mount because this is a very well made product. This product is made completely of strong metal, and had no problem holding up a new 27 inch iMac (about 21 lbs). The included cable organizing clips make the computer look as though it is floating above the desk, and it also clears up space for things to be put under the computer. Overall a high quality product, and would definitely recommend despite the higher price if you are looking for a sturdy, well made mount to hold your computer.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't come with the necessary VESA mount? What? Really?

    • Written by Edmund P from Agoura Hills

    Totally disappointed in this item. Apple needs to mention on the Apple website that the Bretford MobilePro Adjustable Wall mount DOES NOT COME WITH THE NECESSARY MOUNT ADAPTER CALLED THE VESA.... This is critical because you can't attach the arm to your display, or iMac, etc without it. Even more ridiculous is that the VESA MOUNT ADAPTER is not available anywhere on the Apple website. In fact, when I called Bretford, they said Apple made them for their Apple displays/iMacs and recently discontinued making the VESA, so the only way to get one is to search on Amazon and buy it AT YOUR OWN RISK. The easel stand that comes with my iMac (or display) must be removed carefully, because it's spring loaded and can snap back into the iMac (or display). Seach it on YouTube, scary...What a nightmare. Cheap aluminum and not worth $139, plus another $25-$30 to buy the VESA mount elsewhere. Mine is still sitting in the box collecting dust. Apple please take this product off the Apple website or add this information. Better yet, don't buy it. I believe Apple offers an wall mount option when you buy new iMacs/displays.. Much smarter way to go... Then at least it's covered by your Applecare. If you mess up you iMac with this third party gem, good luck getting that covered by Applecare.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    It's so ugly, I returned it without even considering using it.

    • Written by Tommy K from Rotterdam

    The one I ordered was delivered today. Opened the box, removed the cardboard protection and was surpised to see the color deviate from the pictures as much as it did. It's at least three shades (but more like five) than my cinema display. Besides that, it has an uneven paint job, done in a cheap kind of metallic dark grey paint.. As for the design; the edges of the different parts are rounded off in a way that doesn't even closely match the design of apple products. All in all, I was disappointed and I think the item is not worth the money that is charged for it. Two stars, because itstill would probably do what it should; keep your display off of your desk. I've returned it without even considering mounting it on the wall. Pity...

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