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    Ive used many different 12V car inverters over the years and and fell in love with this device . This particular transformer was built from quality materials while keeping practicality in mind. This Inverter has a well designed step-up transformer that does strain the cars fuse (these are chargers are known for this particular problem; the strain leads to popped fuses). The only minor flaw would be its fan. Most likely poor -or lack of- bearings. This causes a higher pitched -and somewhat irritating- fan noises which only gets worse with age. I found that (automotive) silicone spray fixed this problem.
    Overall, great divide and I would -or have- highly recommend this to others.

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    Pretty handy!

    That has worked wonderfully for my MacBook air and my phone. For some reason though, it does not seem to be able to charge my iPad… Even if the laptop is not charging. I'm guessing that USB ports are not powerful enough, but it doesn't specify that They are.

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