• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great mount with minor quirks

    Overall I’m very satisfied. There are some quirks. But first the positives. It’s clean and modern looking and the additional space in front of my workspace is great. I’m currently using the 2nd arm to hold my MacBook Pro for accessibility to the new touch bar. The cable management leaves a lot to be desired. Also the fact that my monitor is now at eye level changes everything. It feels like the monitor (27”) is much closer to my face and I sort of like that. The negatives: Ignore the manual requirements for 8mm and 16mm drill bits. Use a 5/16 and 5/8. There is no template for drilling except for the bracket mount so even a slight error in drilling could harm the lining up of the bolts, which is extremely frustrating. You should use two people when attempting to have the bolts “catch”. A vesa mount is needed to attach your monitor to the arm and those are very hard to find on Apple’s site since they’re always sold out. When the installation is completed you’ll need to keep all three Allen wrenches to make adjustments. Adjusting the swivel horizontally is simple since you can leave the bolts somewhat loose. However, the tilt for the monitor must be locked down. All tilts require a wrench with a nice tight turn to lock it. Closing the MacBook lid is scary since there are two lips on the front of the tray that contact the glass when closing the MacBook. Don’t forget to remove your MacBook before closing the lid unless you want broken glass. Lastly, the first time I used the tray it snapped off the arm. Metal chards everywhere. Customer service shipped another one overnight very close to Christmas and this was just great!

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