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    Great Mount

    In moving from a 2009 MacPro to an iMac, I decided to use my Cinema Display as a second display. The biggest challenge was to find the right VESA mount adaptor for the Cinema Display. The MD179M/A from BMI Surplus fit perfectly.

    The Bretford MobilePro is well built, consisting of heavy, cast parts, carefully machined and assembled and coated. The joints are heavy duty and tighten so as not to shift or sag. Once the VESA mount is on your Apple product, it's an easy step to attaching the mount arm. It's another easy step to insert the arm into the post.

    I mounted the post on a one-inch thick hard maple desktop. You want to make sure your desktop is solid. When drilling the holes in the desktop, you need to make sure they are true or they won't match up with the post and you'll have big problems. I used a technique that positioned my drill bit to a two-sided box, but I still had to enlarge one hole in order to line up with the 4th hole of the post. If you don't want to fight this battle, it would be worth the money to rent or buy a "portable drill press" or other type jig.

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    Excellent Mount for any Monitor

    I have installed the Mobile Pro desk mount for a 32" Asus PA329 and 2014 15" MBP. The product is excellent. Looks fantastic and operates great. Easy to install but takes a little time

    Handles a 32" monitor size wise with no problem. You could even mount 2 side by side. (Depending on weight)

    I would buy this again!

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