Anki DRIVE Starter Kit

[Battle Montage]

[The Battle Begins]

A kid holding an iOS device loads the AnkiDRIVE app and selects to play with friends

[Pick Your Car]

Camera pans to reveal the kid picking up the red car and selecting it within the app

Mark who is racing Rho battles his friend Sam who is racing Kourai

[Battle Your Friends]

[And Cars Built To Fight Back]

Two A.I. cars: Hadion and Boson are activated on levels Hard and Medium

The battle begins and the cars jump off of the starting line. Rho nearly escapes Hadion’s Timed Charge. The Human players go head to head against the A.I. vehicles

Mark upgrades his weapons and begins to fire on his opponents using the Rail Gun. He hits and disables Hadion, causing a spin out

[Part Race Track]

Kourai locks its target on Rho

[Part Combat Zone]

Mark is frustrated that his car has been momentarily disabled. However he recovers, boosting his speed and unloading his Pulse Carbine on Kourai

Mark celebrates

[Are You Battle Ready]