Nest Protect

Visual: Slow-mo of people waving brooms, towels, jumping on chairs etc Copy: This doesn’t make us safer. Visual: dad taking batteries off the smoke detector and tossing on his bedside table Copy: It puts us at risk. Visual: Nest Protect box Copy: Meet Nest Protect Visual: iPad mini setup Copy: Remembers which room it’s in. Visual: Mom installing on ceiling. Copy: Gives you a heads up before an alarm. Visual: Dad hushing with a wave. Product says: “HEADS UP. THERE’S SMOKE IN THE DINING ROOM. SMOKE ALARM HUSHED” Copy: Hush it with a wave. Visual: Smoke alarm going of in living room, says there’s smoke in bedroom. Product says: “HEADS UP. THERE’S SMOKE IN THE BEDROOM” Copy: Tells you where the danger is. Visual: Dad gets alert on iPhone at a cafè Copy: Battery life, sensor status and remote notifications. Visual: Close up of Nest Protect Copy: Sensors for smoke, CO, heat, light and motion. Visual: Smoke in the living room, topaz says smoke in the kitchen, family is getting out. Product says: “beep. EMERGENCY. THERE’S SMOKE beep IN THE LIVING ROOM.” Copy: And in an emergency, you’ll know what’s wrong.