Waltzing Matilda

(background music)

I was talking to someone, and I was showing them a piece that I made.

And there was a little kid next to me, he truly was innocent as he could be.

(He said) I just can't believe, I didn't realize that there was things that were actually handmade.

And a it kind of hit me funny.

(hammering sound)

You know, I know this is handmade.

Beside the fact that I made it, I would look at this and I would know that

somebody put their mark on it.

You know there's a misnomer about quality.

To me quality is something where you look at it and

it's inspiring or it does something other than just a function.

Someone's going to carry this and give it, hand it down to their kid or their friend.

And that kid's going to look at it and he's going to see his dad's hand print.

There's something beautiful in the imperfections.

You know, look, it's like blue jeans or boots or whatever.

The more beat up they get, the more character they get, the more life they have to them.

As this thing ages, all the little scuffs and everything that come on it

remind you of where you went.