Support Information Sheet

Please print this page and complete the information below to help expedite your Apple Support call or Genius Bar visit (where available).
Information about my issue
What issue are you experiencing?
When did the issue first occur?
If you received an error message, what did it say?
What troubleshooting steps have you tried?
Does your computer show as a camera? (circle one) YesNo
My computer
operating system: (e.g. Mac OS X v10.6, Windows XP, Windows Vista)
USB 2.0: (circle one) YesNo
internet connection type: (e.g. dial-up, broadband)
Do you use a Wi-Fi connection?: (circle one) YesNo
My info
login/user name:
account password:
account type (circle one): AdminStandardManaged
Please also provide the following if the above is not an admin account:
admin account name:
admin account password:
My software
iTunes version:
anti-virus program: (e.g. Norton)
(circle one)
anti-spyware program: (e.g. Spybot)
(circle one)