Bonjour for Windows 1.0.5

Bonjour for Windows

About Bonjour
Bonjour, also known as zero-configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks. Bonjour uses industry standard IP protocols to allow devices to automatically discover each other without the need to enter IP addresses or configure DNS servers.

System requirements
Bonjour requires Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Make sure you have the latest Service Pack installed for your computer using Windows Update.

Users running 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Windows Vista can download a compatible version of Bonjour for Windows 1.0.5 here.

Bonjour is a networking protocol that sends and receives network packets on UDP port 5353. If you have a "personal firewall" enabled, you will need to ensure that UDP port 5353 is open for Bonjour to work correctly. Certain firewalls will only partially block Bonjour packets, so if you experience intermittent behavior, check the firewall settings and verify that Bonjour is listed as an exception and is allowed to receive incoming packets. Bonjour will configure the Windows firewall appropriately during installation on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above.

Installing Bonjour
Double-click the Bonjour installer and follow the onscreen instructions.

When installing over a previous version of Bonjour for Windows, please remove any existing instances of Bonjour for Windows through the "Add or Remove Programs" Control Panel before installing Bonjour for Windows 1.0.5.

If Java is not present at the time of installation and you decide to install Java at a later date, you will need to do a Repair install of Bonjour for Windows in order to get the proper Java Bonjour libraries. To do a Repair install, go to the "Add or Remove Programs" Control Panel, select Bonjour from the list and click "Change/Remove". Then choose "Repair" and follow the onscreen instructions.

What's included
Bonjour for Windows includes a plugin to discover advertised HTTP servers using Internet Explorer. Click the Bonjour icon in the Internet Explorer toolbar to enable Bonjour browsing. If you have Bonjour devices on your local network with embedded HTTP (Web) servers, they will appear in the list.

The Bonjour Printer Wizard is also included and allows Windows computers to print to Bonjour networked printers, including USB shared printers connected to the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express Base Stations. Since Apple first launched Bonjour in 2002, every major maker of network printers has adopted Bonjour. With the Bonjour Printer Wizard, computers using Windows can also experience the benefits of effortlessly discovering and printing to these Bonjour printers.

Known Issues
A small number of Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients interfere with Bonjour. If you find that you can no longer discover network services or print to Bonjour shared printers, try logging out of VPN.

More information
Bonjour is commonly installed by third-party software to provide zero-configuration networking capabilities to various applications. If your version of Bonjour does not include the IE plugin or Printer Wizard mentioned above, and you would like these features, you can download the complete Bonjour for Windows package from Apple's web site by visiting

For more information about developing products that use Bonjour, and to download the SDK, please visit:

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Version: 1.0.5
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System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/2003
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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