Mac OS X Server 10.4.9 Update (Universal)

Mac OS X Server 10.4.9 Update (Universal)

About Mac OS X Server 10.4.9 Update (Universal)
The fifth major release of Apple’s award-winning server operating system, Mac OS X Server version 10.4 “Tiger” offers 200+ new features and builds on more than 100 of the latest open source projects.

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What’s New in this Version
The 10.4.9 Server Update is recommended for all servers and includes fixes for the operating system and various applications, services and technologies. It includes fixes for:

- avoiding AFP connection errors when authenticating Active Directory users who are members of lots of groups
- preventing SMB/CIFS server deadlocks and service interruptions
- authenticating Windows clients when bound to Active Directory
- copying read-only files to AFP shares on Xsan and UFS volumes
- copying files with extended attributes from an AFP share of an Xsan volume
- preventing NFS server hangs at shutdown
- printing too many copies of a document when using the print server
- using Open Directory authentication when using Ethernet Link Aggregation
- better TCP performance with Windows clients and servers
- using rsync to copy files with extended attributes
- creating and managing VLANs from the command-line
- time zone and daylight saving time changes for 2007
- compatibility with third party applications and devices
- previous standalone security updates

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Post Date: March 13, 2007
License: Update
File Size: 249MB

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System Requirements

  • Mac OS X Server 10.4.8 (Universal)

Download ID: sd13237 249MB