Mac OS X Server 10.5.5

Mac OS X Server 10.5.5

About Mac OS X Server 10.5.5
The latest release of Apple's UNIX server operating system makes it easy for small businesses, workgroups, and enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of a server. With Mac OS X Server, users can effortlessly share files, schedule meetings and events, exchange instant messages, send and receive mail on the Internet, access the organization's network remotely, publish podcasts, and host websites, wikis, and blogs.

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What’s New in this Version
The 10.5.5 update is recommended for all servers currently running Leopard Server. This update includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for:

- directory service reliability and authenticating new File Sharing connections
- binding and authentication in Active Directory environments
- editing Wiki content in Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer
- viewing Wikis and Blogs from an iPhone or iPod touch
- searching with Spotlight in the Finder and on the web
- sending 'Welcome' email messages to users in Server Preferences
- importing users and working with nested groups in Server Preferences
- randomization of DNS source ports and transaction IDs
- updating DNS information when server IP address changes occur
- hosting DHCP services
- supporting private events in iCal
- synchronizing Portable Home Directories
- enabling Software Update Server
- using SNMPv3 services
- hosting with WebObjects; update to version 5.4.3
- hosting mail services for users with long user names
- preventing mail server database corruption
- ensuring security of LDAP password hashes
- propagating password changes to Open Directory replicas
- creating and editing DNS records in Server Admin
- using System Image Utility to create NetBoot and NetInstall images
- creating augment directory records in Advanced server configuration
- using Managed Preferences when clients are bound to Active Directory
- providing RADIUS authentication to 802.11n-enabled AirPort Base Stations

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Post Date: September 15, 2008
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  • Mac OS X 10.5.4

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