Mac OS X Server Update 10.4.7

Mac OS X Server Update 10.4.7

About this update
The seventh major release of Apple award-winning server operating system, Mac OS X Server version 10.4 and offers 200+ new features and builds on more than 100 of the latest open source projects.

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What’s New in this Version
The 10.4.7 Server Update is recommended for all servers and includes fixes for the operating system and various applications, services and technologies.

It includes fixes for:

-AFP server deadlocks and dropped connections
-saving Adobe and Quark documents to AFP mounted volumes
-resharing NFS mounts with AFP
-configuring up to 64 NFS server daemons in Server Admin
-virus filtering and quarantine; update to ClamAV version 0.88.2
-updating Kerberos keytab files when using changeip
-periodic rolling of Password Server log files
-configuration issues affecting MySQL performance
-pre-allocating files when using tar, cp and mv with Xsan volumes
-rebooting SAN clients without causing other clients to hang
-reporting software RAID rebuild status in Disk Utility
-compatibility with third party applications and devices
-previous standalone security updates

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Post Date: June 27, 2006
License: Update
File Size: 95 MB

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System Requirements

  • Mac OS X Server
  • version 10.4.6

Download ID: sd10964 95 MB