Mac OS X Server Update 10.3.4

Mac OS X Server Update

About Mac OS X Server Update
With Mac OS X Server v10.3, Apple has integrated popular open source software technologies and created innovative management tools to make it easy to provide powerful standards-based server solutions. With over 150 new features, including centralized directory and authentication for Mac and Windows clients, Mac OS X Server is a comprehensive platform that is ideal for corporate and educational institutions. This 10-client edition of Apple's award-winning UNIX-based server operating system is the easiest way to deploy powerful Internet, network and small workgroup services.

What’s New in this Version
The 10.3.4 Server Update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for Mac OS X Server v10.3 and is recommended for all systems.

Key enhancements include:
- improved reliability and compatibility of NFS file services and network automounts
- enhanced Server Admin and Network Image Utility applications
- improved Open Directory scalability and replication reliability, Active Directory integration
- additional support for FireWire and USB devices
- improved compatibility for third party applications and devices
- previous standalone security updates (This update does not include Security Update 2004-05-24)

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Version: 10.3.4
Post Date: May 26, 2004
License: Update
File Size: 44.7MB

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System Requirements

  • Mac OS X Server
  • Version 10.3.3

Download ID: sd4234 44.7MB