Final Cut Express 4 Release Notes


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Final Cut Express 4.0.1 Release Notes

This section contains release information about Final Cut Express 4.0.1.

Permissions Issue Resolved

With the release of Mac OS X Leopard, Final Cut Express would sometimes fail to open projects that included media that a user did not have the proper permissons to access. Final Cut Express now correctly opens the project.

Added AVCHD Easy Setups

Final Cut Express now includes AVCHD Easy Setups to support ingesting AVCHD footage using the Apple Intermediate Codec. The Easy Setups are:

  • AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i60
  • AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1920x1080i60
  • AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i50
  • AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1920x1080i50

You no longer need to use the HDV-Apple Intermediate Codec Easy Setups when ingesting AVCHD footage.

Added 720p25 Easy Setup

Final Cut Express now includes an HDV-Apple Intermediate Codec 720p25 Easy Setup to support ingesting 720p25 HDV footage.

Renamed Sequence Presets

The following Apple Intermediate Codec sequence presets have been renamed:

  • Apple Intermediate Codec 1080i50 has changed to Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i50.
  • Apple Intermediate Codec 1080i60 has changed to Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i60.

Final Cut Express 4.0 Release Notes

This section contains release information about Final Cut Express 4.0.

Setting Up to Ingest AVCHD Footage

When setting up to ingest AVCHD footage, use the HDV-Apple Intermediate Codec Easy Setup. (If you have updated to Final Cut Express 4.0.1, you can use the AVCHD Easy Setups that are now available.)

Do Not Open Final Cut Pro Projects in Final Cut Express

Because not all Final Cut Pro features are supported in Final Cut Express, do not open Final Cut Pro projects in Final Cut Express. You can open Final Cut Express projects in Final Cut Pro.

Audio Rendering Is Required for Imported iMovie HD Projects

When you import an iMovie HD project into Final Cut Express, you must render the audio for the footage before it will play.

Upgrading from Previous Versions of Final Cut Express

Final Cut Express 4 doesn’t include or install Soundtrack. If you’re upgrading from a previous version of Final Cut Express that installed Soundtrack, the Final Cut Express 4 installation leaves Soundtrack unchanged. Final Cut Express 4 does not provide commands for exporting clips directly to Soundtrack or sending clips directly to Motion. You can export clips to these applications by using the Export command and exporting the clips as QuickTime files.

Corrections to the Final Cut Express Documentation

The Final Cut Express 4 User Manual erroneously mentions the Pan Keyframe button and the Level Keyframe button in the Audio tab of the Viewer. These buttons are unavailable in Final Cut Express.