LiveType 2.1.4 Release Notes


Updated versions of Release Notes may be published as new versions of LiveType are released or new information becomes available. You can check for updated information by choosing Help > Release Notes when LiveType is open.

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Corrections to the LiveType Documentation

The LiveType User Manual includes several references to Late-Breaking News (pages 10, 11, and 131). Late-Breaking News is now called Release Notes. The LiveType User Manual also refers to two installation discs, whereas LiveType 2.1.4 is included on the Final Cut Express installation disc.

Installing LiveType Media More Than Once on the Same Hard Disk

If you have limited available hard disk space and you attempt to install LiveType media more than once on the same hard disk, the installer may display an incorrect value for the required disk space. If the installation fails, make more space available and try again, or install LiveType media on a different hard disk.

August 27, 2007