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    Works Great for Controlling Aurora; less-so for Homekit Control

    • Written by Joseph M from Albuquerque

    The Aurora Nano remote is an innovative and clever control device for both the Aurora lights and homekit accessories/scenes. When paired with an Aurora, we found it worked quite well. Most of the time (say 9 out of 10 inputs), it sends commands to the Aurora. Changing Aurora brightness is easy (rotate the remote), and you assign various Aurora effects within the Nanoleaf app. For this application, it's easily recommended.

    Our main use for this was control of other homekit lights. We installed LiFX RGB lightstrips inside our bathroom mirrors to replace the god-awful flourescents from pre-smart-home days . The LED strips *must* be controlled either via the LiFX app or via Homekit. We really wanted a way to set different colors easily with a physical device. The Nanoleaf Remote seemed to fit the bill. Once paired to Homekit, you can assign each "face" of the remote as a single-button click device in Homekit.

    We set this up to turn on the LiFX lights to different colors on each face, with face-12 used to turn the lights off. The issue seems to be connectivity of the remote (via bluetooth?) to our nearest homekit server (in our case, a nearby AppleTV). Initially, this only worked about half the time. We found pairing the remote to a nearby Aurora helped tremendously with connectivity, now it works most (8 of 10 tries) of the time. Apparently, the Aurora acts a a bridge into Homekit. We had to disable Aurora control in this scheme, but at least we now have a convienent means to control the LiFX with hardware and not use the apps when that's not convenient. The other issue is the rotate function is not currently supported in Homekit. That's too bad, we'd love to adjust brightness this way. 4 Stars. Improve the reliability of homekit commands from this remote and support rotation, and its easily a 5-star recommendation.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Tim G from Brisbane

    I have three auroras which I love, so getting the remote seemed the logical next step.

    The remote only works about one out of ten times. And the response time is a joke if it does work.

    Any other method of controlling the lights is vastly superior. HomePod, apple watch, etc.

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