• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Ignore the bad reviews, this is a very good product

    • Written by Chris D from Minneapolis

    I'm not sure if the bad reviews are from Samsung or competing accessory makers from China, but 1 star? C'mon, that is not even real. This is a very good watch charger - I take my watch off when I go to bed, put it on the charger and it is fully charged when I wake up. Plus, when the pad is flipped up, the watch acts as a clock. It doesn't "fast charge" but that isn't what it is intended or advertised to do. But unlike other manufacturers, you can be sure the watch (or iPhone) battery won't explode LOL.

    I deducted one star because Apple should have made AirPower work - I'm tired of separate chargers for my phone and watch and I don't want Belkin or 3rd party accessories which always look a little cheap.

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