Tech21 12" Impact Clear Case for MacBook

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    The Tech21 Impact Clear Case for MacBook offers everyday bump and scratch protection that’s tough enough to keep your Mac as beautiful as when you first took it out of the box.

    BulletShield for everyday bump protection

    Thanks to BulletShield, an impact material used in bullet-proof glass, the Impact Clear case safeguards your MacBook from daily wear and tear.

    Impressively thin and lightweight

    BulletShield is so efficient that a thin layer offers remarkable protection, allowing Tech21 to make Impact Clear so thin and lightweight you’ll soon forget it’s there.

    Anti-yellow and anti-scratch

    Enhanced UV-yellowing resistance and a durable, scratch-resistant coating keeps your case looking better for longer.


    Built using BulletShield impact-absorbing material to protect from everyday bumps and scratches

    Anti-yellowing resistance and anti-scratch coating

    Extremely thin and completely clear

    Smudge-resistant matt finish

    Secure fit with precise access to all ports and function buttons

    Easy to install and remove — without scratching

    Non-slip feet to provide a stable typing platform


    BulletShield material in the case is also used in bullet-proof glass.

    แนะนำโดย Apple สำหรับ

    Surrounding your MacBook in tough yet lightweight protection.


    Tech21 Impact Clear Case for MacBook


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