Music Memos

An app to capture your song ideas. Whenever inspiration strikes.

Recording is moving to Voice Memos. As of March 1, 2021, Music Memos will no longer be available to new users. Music Memos can still be used on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, but there will be no new updates.

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Start recording with a tap.

Sometimes the best ideas come when you least expect them. When those moments happen, open Music Memos to record high-quality, uncompressed audio through the built-in mic in your iPhone, or connect an external microphone. Music Memos is optimized for acoustic guitar and piano, and it works with other musical instruments, too.

Add a backing band that intelligently follows your lead.

Music Memos automatically analyzes the basic arrangement and suggests chords you played for each track. Then you can hear how your music sounds with a realistic virtual drummer and bass player jamming along. If your performance speeds up or slows down, so does the band. You can even tweak the energy and performance of the drums or bass with a few simple controls.

Listen to how drum and bass automatically follow the tempo and feel of the recording.

Easily keep track of your favorite takes.

Organize your song ideas with names and star ratings to easily find what you’re looking for. Add tags like Intro, Bridge, Verse, Upbeat, Mellow, and more — or create your own — so you can quickly find those kernels of inspiration when you need them.

Take your song to the next level.

To build in additional tracks and instruments for a professional-sounding mix, move your recordings into GarageBand on your iOS device, or GarageBand or Logic Pro X on your Mac. You can also email your song ideas to a friend or band member, add tracks to your existing library, or post them to Apple Music Connect*, SoundCloud, and YouTube — all right from Music Memos.