Art Lab: Sketching for Change with 2020 or Bust

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Meet environmental activists Laughlin Artz and Jeff Bonar of 2020 or Bust. In honor of Earth Day, they’ll share how to create art that brings more awareness to climate change. Then you’ll sketch and assemble a collage based on a cause that you’re passionate about, like preserving the rainforest or protecting endangered species. Devices will be provided.

Laughlin Artz

Environmental Activist

Laughlin Artz is a leader in social activism and the founder and executive director of 2020 or Bust. He’s also the co-creator of an app that makes lessening climate change both measurable and fun.

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Jeff Bonar 

Environmental Activist

Jeff Bonar builds software that helps ordinary people, whether they are pregnant moms, mobile technical staff, or global citizens who feel empowered to do something about climate change.

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