StoryMakers Festival Block Party

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Celebrate the StoryMakers Festival and explore the power of narrative with Seema Reza, Joe Merritt, and Wytold, the co-founders of Community Building Art Works. You’ll collaborate as a community to brainstorm and create a work of art using iPad and Apple Pencil. The co-founders will also perform music and poetry. Join more sessions during Week 1 with the Future of StoryTelling.

Seema Reza


Seema Reza is the author of A Constellation of Half-Lives and When the World Breaks Open. She is the recipient of the Col. John Gioia Patriot Award and a Montgomery County artists and scholars grant.

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Joe Merritt

Poet, Artist, and Teacher

After retiring from the Marines, Joe Merritt found art. His work has been exhibited in galleries nationwide and his writing has been included in multiple anthologies.

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Wytold plays electric cello with two extra strings to capture a larger range of notes. His music has been featured in the award-winning film Blood Brother and performed by the National Symphony Orchestra.

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More about StoryMakers Festival Block Party

Join us on June 29–30 for a Block Party weekend to wrap up our festival. Hosted by No Kings Collective featuring artists Jamilla Okubo, MISS CHELOVE, Kimchi Juice, Rachel Couch, and District Dodger.

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