StoryMakers Festival Block Party

Art Lab for Kids: Heroes with Keith Chow and Jamie Noguchi

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Every superhero has an origin story. Craft your superhero’s story with Keith Chow and Jamie Noguchi. They’ll guide you through creative exercises to find your superhero’s identity and powers. Then you’ll get hands-on with iPad and Apple Pencil to illustrate your character’s origins. Recommended for teens. During Week 1, join more sessions from the Future of StoryTelling.

Keith Chow

Creator of The Nerds of Color

Keith Chow’s work explores the representation of Asian Americans in the media. Chow is editor in chief of the Nerds of Color blog and hosts the podcasts Hard NOC Life, Southern Fried Asian, and DC TV Classics.

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Jamie Noguchi

Cartoonist and Illustrator

Jamie Noguchi is a Japanese Chinese American artist with the webcomic Yellow Peril. He is the co-founder of Super Art Fight, a show featuring artists in real-time competition.

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Join us on June 29–30 for a Block Party weekend to wrap up our festival. Hosted by No Kings Collective featuring artists Jamilla Okubo, MISS CHELOVE, Kimchi Juice, Rachel Couch, and District Dodger.

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