Art Lab: Imagine Characters with Little Apple

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Celebrate Pride with the makers of Little Apple, a sci-fi series about a young girl in Harlem. Creator Riley S. Wilson, lead actor Milan Williams, and creative director Steven Lowe will share how they created Little Apple to empower young people of color to speak their truth and use their imagination. Inspired by illustrations of Little Apple, you will create your own character on iPad.

Riley S. Wilson

Creator of Little Apple

Wilson began working on Little Apple in 2015. A year later, the project was in the finals for the Episodic Lab at the Sundance Film Festival. Today Little Apple is a comic book series, video podcast, and more.

Milan Williams

Lead Actor of Little Apple

Milan Williams has been acting since she was 6 years old. She has performed in short films, commercials, off-Broadway shows, and more. In Little Apple, Williams is the voice of the main character, Apple.

Steven Lowe

Creative Director, ATS.4 Inc

Steven Lowe’s background in traditional animation has expanded to include television, mobile games, and e-commerce. He has spent the last year working on the comic and digital identity of Little Apple.

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