Art Lab: Local by Design with Angel Gregorio and Tony Lewis

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Join us as our Community Activism series continues and get inspired by the team behind D.C. Natives Day, a community advocacy movement started in 2019. Activists Angel Gregorio and Tony Lewis Jr. will share their journey and the origins of the movement. Then you’ll get hands-on using the Procreate app with iPad and Apple Pencil to design a T-shirt of your own for the next D.C. Natives Day.

For sessions with amplified sound, hearing loop technology is available on request.

Angel Gregorio


Angel Gregorio is an educator and activist. She is a business owner with a community-centric philosophy and runs a spice shop in Washington, D.C.

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Tony Lewis Jr.

Author and Activist

Tony Lewis Jr. is a thought leader and advocate for men, women, and children impacted by mass incarceration. His work and advocacy has garnered local and national acclaim.

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