Art Lab: Bring Your Notes to Life with Illuminated Notes

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Celebrate The Big Draw Festival and explore how to bring your notes to life with artists Forest Stearns and Adam Rosendahl from Illuminated Notes. They’ll share how they make memorable works of art from lectures and events using bold colors, unique characters, and hand-lettered scripts. Then get hands-on using Procreate on iPad with Apple Pencil to create notes that are fun and informative.

Forest Stearns


Principal artist Forest Stearns specializes in unique illustration, art direction, and producing artist in residence programs. He has a passion for drawing on rockets, satellites, and quantum computers.

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Adam Rosendahl


Adam Rosendahl of LATE NITE ART is an illustrator, facilitator, and creativity consultant. He uses art, music, and dialogue as a vehicle to breathe imagination and connection into teams and organizations.

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Illuminated Notes


Illuminated Notes captures the spirit of thought-provoking speakers and events through beautiful illustrations. Stearns and Rosendahl collaborate to create drawings that illuminate and amplify any experience.

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The Big Draw Festival 2019

Drawn To Life

The Big Draw is a visual literacy charity that promotes the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression, and invention. It is the founder and driving force behind The Big Draw Festival.

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