Art Lab: Color, Texture, and Depth with Joshua Mays

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Joshua Mays turns ink-on-paper designs, inspired by science fiction and surrealism, into vibrant works of digital art. Discover how he adds color, texture, and depth to his drawings using the Procreate app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. He’ll also discuss his collaboration with the Omi Arts series at the Ashara Ekundayo Gallery in celebration of Black History Month. Devices will be provided.

Joshua Mays

Visual Artist

Oakland-based Joshua Mays is a painter, muralist, and illustrator. He studied drawing and graphic design in Denver and has created commissioned works in Portland, London, Mexico City, and Johannesburg.

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Ashara Ekundayo Gallery

Ashara Ekundayo Gallery in Oakland is an arts platform and project space that exclusively exhibits the work of black womxn and womxn of the African Diaspora. They host the interactive Omi Arts series.

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