StoryMakers Festival Block Party

Art Lab: Reimagined Spaces with No Kings Collective

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No Kings Collective creates murals that redefine D.C. buildings and the surrounding community as well. As our StoryMakers Festival continues, they’ll share their process for creating public art with a purpose. You’ll use iPad and Apple Pencil to sketch a design, then translate it to 3D for a specific building in D.C. They’ll also be hosting a Block Party when we wrap up our StoryMakers Festival.

No Kings Collective

Artist Collective

Peter Chang and Brandon Hill are the artists who created No Kings Collective, a design studio and events production group. They have collaborated with the Smithsonian American Art Museum, among others.

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Join us on June 29–30 for a Block Party weekend to wrap up our festival. Hosted by No Kings Collective featuring artists Jamilla Okubo, MISS CHELOVE, Kimchi Juice, Rachel Couch, and District Dodger.

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