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Art Lab: Secret Walls Digital — Doodle with Lillipore

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For our last Doodle Club, join Lillipore and explore how to doodle in her dreamlike style. She’ll share how dreams, the 1980s, and the female figure inform her work. You’ll sketch ’80s-inspired scenes in the Procreate app on iPad with Apple Pencil. DJ Frane will play a set that blends hip-hop, soul, spoken word, and more. Then join us for Secret Walls Digital — LA Battle Final on August 31.

Secret Walls

Global Art Collective

The fight club of the art scene, Secret Walls has been a fixture in the global art community for over 13 years. Artists of all styles and backgrounds have competed for the podium in over 2000 shows to date.

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Lillipore is a contemporary artist from Colorado with a fondness for color and nostalgia. She has produced work for Coach, Nike, Rihanna, and more.

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DJ Frane

DJ and Producer

DJ Frane is known for his genre-defying instrumental concept albums. His sound explores the intersection of nature and technology, and his live sets often blend hip-hop, soul, spoken word, and psychedelia.

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Celebrate street art in six sessions hosted by the global art collective Secret Walls. Teams of LA artists will sketch-it-out in three art battles on Saturdays in August. And on Thursdays, you can sketch with the winning artists on iPad in a Doodle Club.

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