Art Lab: Designing Zines with Keith “K-Dub” Williams

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Create a custom zine with artist Keith “K-Dub” Williams. As part of our Black History Month celebration, he’ll share his skateboard and skatepark design work and reveal how he uses the Procreate app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to create zines. Then he and Adam Lamoreaux will discuss their latest project while DJ Dug Infinite spins tracks. Devices will be provided.

Keith “K-Dub” Williams

Fine Artist and Activist

Keith “K-Dub” Williams has been inspiring Bay Area youth for over a decade. He launched a movement to build a world-class skatepark in Oakland and founded the nonprofit For the Town Skateboarding.

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Adam Lamoreaux

Entrepreneur and Art Supplier

Adam Lamoreaux is the self-professed president of the unofficial West Oakland fan club.

Dug Infinite

Music Artist, Producer, and DJ

Dug Infinite, a native of the South Side of Chicago, was an early pioneer of hip-hop production. He’s worked with talents like Common, NO. I.D., Lenny Williams, Masta Ace, and Kanye West.

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