Code with Apple December 1–15

Exclusive: Celebrating New Art Forms with Gray Area Artists

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Join artists from Gray Area and explore how to use technology to create new art forms. Niki Selken, creative director of Gray Area, will share how they use technology for positive change in society and introduce teaching artists Marc Schroeder, Stephen Standridge, and Anastasia Victor. They’ll share their creative journeys and how they’re creating new art forms using code.

For sessions with amplified sound, hearing loop technology is available on request.

Niki Selken

Creative Director of Gray Area

Niki Selken is a creative technologist and educator who helps nonprofits and small businesses with inclusion and social impact. At Gray Area, she manages the artist incubator and creative code programs.

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Marc Schroeder

Design Technologist

Marc Schroeder’s work has been featured at MUTEK.SF 2019 and in Gray Area showcases. He has worked on installations for Levy Dance and also teaches web audio in the Gray Area Immersive class.

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Stephen Standridge

Digital Artist

Stephen Standridge specializes in projection mapping, physical computing, and interaction systems. His interactive work allows the viewer to engage in both the virtual and real worlds simultaneously.

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Anastasia Victor

Artist and Cofounder

Anastasia Victor was a resident for Mozilla XR Studio and is currently a resident at Gray Area. She cofounded PLACE, a nonprofit that researches the social implications of XR through art, design, and education.

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Hour of Code™

The Hour of Code™ is an initiative by Computer Science Education Week and to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.

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In celebration of Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code™, join us December 1–15 at an Apple Store near you to learn the basics of coding and apps. Sign up for fun sessions and code augmented reality art, robots, and more on iPad.

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