Exclusive: Podcasting Ideas with Hello from the Magic Tavern

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Explore how to create a podcast with Arnie Niekamp and the Hello from the Magic Tavern cast. As we kick off our Voices of Chicago Podcasts series, Niekamp will be joined by Adal Rifai and Matt Young to share what inspired them to devise their fictional world. You’ll learn tips for starting your own podcast and jot down ideas using Notes on iPad with Apple Pencil. Devices will be provided.

Arnie Niekamp


Arnie Niekamp is the creator and host of the improv comedy podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern. He’s also a video game designer and has worked on Drawful, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, and others for Jackbox Games.

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Adal Rifai


Writer and producer Adal Rifai plays Chunt on the podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern. He also created and co-hosts the Hey Riddle Riddle podcast and is the host of Guesspionage from Jackbox Games.

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Matt Young


Matt Young is Usidore the Wizard on the Hello from the Magic Tavern podcast. He’s also a member of the Improvised Shakespeare Company and plays Captain Baxter on the Improvised Star Trek podcast.

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