Exclusive: Women of Louder Than A Bomb

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Join us to celebrate our Made by Women series with Louder Than A Bomb, the world’s largest youth poetry slam. Teaching artist Dominique James will lead a poetry workshop using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Followed by performances by poets E’mon Lauren Black, Kara Jackson, and Pat Frazier. Bring your own devices or we’ll provide them.

Louder Than A Bomb

Youth Poetry Festival

Louder Than A Bomb is the world’s largest youth poetry festival. Their annual tournament hosts more than 1,000 youth poets for a month of poetry bouts, workshops, and special events.

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Dominique James

Teaching Artist

Dominique James is a poet, performer, and teaching artist with Young Chicago Authors. She also runs Nikki-Rosa.com, a website committed to supporting and celebrating black women.

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