Exclusive: [AR]T with Nick Cave and Chicago Children’s Choir

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Be part of a universe of positivity with Nick Cave, Bob Faust, and the Chicago Children’s Choir. We’ll kick off with a conversation moderated by Karen Wong of New Museum. Then using iPhone you’ll experience Amass — Nick Cave’s augmented reality art installation created for every Apple Store in the world — as the Chicago Children’s Choir performs. Bring your iPhone and a friend.

For sessions with amplified sound, hearing loop technology is available on request.

Nick Cave


An American artist working across myriad mediums, including sculpture, film, and performance, Nick Cave is best known for his Soundsuits, which combine thought-provoking sculptural forms and movement.

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Bob Faust

Designer and Artist

Bob Faust is the principal and creative director for Faust, a cultural branding and communications studio. He also collaborates on exhibition design as well as produces Cave's performance works.

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Chicago Children’s Choir

The Chicago Children’s Choir is an organization that inspires and unites youth from diverse backgrounds. Their in-school and after-school programs serve 5,200 students across the city of Chicago.​

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