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Exclusive: Stories of Healing with Pawsitive Change

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Explore how inmates and dogs can work together to change their stories. You’ll meet Zach Skow, the founder of Pawsitive Change, a rehabilitation program that pairs at-risk dogs with inmates in California state prisons. Skow and ex-inmates will bring rehabilitated dogs and share their transformative stories. During Week 1, join more sessions with the Future of StoryTelling.

Zach Skow

Founder of Marley’s Mutts

Zach Skow created the canine rescue organizations Marley’s Mutts and Pawsitive Change. Today, he is an animal activist and social media influencer.

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Marley’s Mutts

Nonprofit Organization

Marley’s Mutts is a nonprofit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and finds homes for death row dogs from shelters in Kern County.

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Pawsitive Change

Program of Marley’s Mutts

Pawsitive Change is a rehabilitation program that matches at-risk dogs with inmates in California state prisons. The goals of the program are to reduce inmate recidivism and find homes for rehabilitated dogs.

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6 weeks. 40 creators. From May 18 to June 29, learn from inspiring D.C. artists to shape your story through photo, video, music, and art. Then wrap up the festival with a weekend Block Party with No Kings Collective. Check here for updated sessions daily.

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