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Exclusive: Collecting Stories About Dad with Planet Word

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Bring the family for a Father’s Day celebration and tell a story about dad. Ann B. Friedman, founder of Planet Word, will share how her passion for literacy led to the development of the museum and how it brings language to life. Kids will record their family stories on iPhone or iPad. Then join more fun sessions for kids featuring art and storytelling during Week 5 of our StoryMakers Festival.

Ann B. Friedman

Founder and CEO of Planet Word

As an editor, translator, and teacher, Ann B. Friedman is passionate about literacy. Her museum, Planet Word, was founded on the belief that literacy is the gateway to success and is scheduled to open in 2020.

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6 weeks. 40 creators. From May 18 to June 29, learn from inspiring D.C. artists to shape your story through photo, video, music, and art. Then wrap up the festival with a weekend Block Party with No Kings Collective. Check here for updated sessions daily.

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