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Exclusive: Building Community with Postloudness and AirGo

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Listen as Postloudness co-founder Cher Vincent talks about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the podcast world. Then Damon Williams and Daniel Kisslinger of the AirGo show will share tips on being a good host. You’ll use iPad with Apple Pencil to take notes and the Voice Memos app to practice interviewing. Sign up for more sessions in our Voices of Chicago Podcasts series.

Cher Vincent

Audio Producer

Chicago’s Cher Vincent is the co-founder and executive producer of Postloudness, a collective of audio shows by women, people of color, and queer-identified hosts. She is also a guest lecturer and presenter.

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Damon Williams

AirGo Co-host

Damon Williams is a rapper, comedian, and educator from Chicago’s South Side. As co-host of the AirGo podcast, he interviews the artists and change makers who are reshaping the culture of the city.

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Daniel Kisslinger

AirGo Co-host

Daniel Kisslinger is an event producer and community builder. As the co-host of the AirGo podcast, he helps provide a platform for those at the center of Chicago's radical renaissance.

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