Exclusive: Making Music Videos with Rocky Rivera and Friends

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Go behind the scenes with musician Rocky Rivera and artist Kate Buenconsejo. The duo will share industry tips for composing music and shooting music videos. They’ll take you through the production of Rivera’s video for Best Shot, filmed by Buenconsejo with iPhone and edited with iMovie. Then you’ll get hands-on piecing together a music video using iPad. Bring your own device or we’ll provide one.

Rocky Rivera

Musician, Journalist & Emcee

Rocky Rivera is a San Francisco–based recording artist, journalist, and emcee. She just released her third album, Rocky’s Revenge, in collaboration with Women’s Audio Mission.

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Kate Buenconsejo

Artist and Photographer

Kate “Dash” Buenconsejo is an artist and photographer currently living in San Francisco. She’s working on her second photo book and print magazine.

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DJ Celskiii


DJ Celskiii has been spinning records for more than 20 years. She’s also the cofounder of hip-hop-based DJ collective Skratchpad Worldwide and a member of the band Analog Girlz.

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