Music Lab: Create Tones and Textures with Loop Theory

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Join three musicians from Loop Theory, an artist development company, and make a beat. Producer Kenneth “Disrupt” Clair will break down how he makes beats and manipulates sound using Logic Pro X. Artists Brittney Carter and Navarro will share what inspires them about beat making. You’ll get hands-on with GarageBand on iPad and experiment with adding tones and textures to your own track.

Brittney Carter


Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, Carter started to find her voice by writing in a journal as a child. Today, she combines her love of writing and her passion for music to craft her tracks.

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Artist, Mentor, and Manager

Navarro is a first-generation Mexican American. His music explores themes of identity, immigration, the Chicano experience, and more.

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Kenneth “Disrupt” Clair

Producer, Musician, & Engineer

Kenneth “Disrupt” Clair is a co-founder, producer, and audio engineer for Loop Theory. He helps create a signature sound for each artist he works with. His dream is to develop the sound for the next generation.

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