Music Lab: Crafting Beats with DJ Lamont and Whit the DJ

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Join DJ Lamont, the creative mind behind Fingersnaps Media Arts, to explore the basics of music theory from a DJ’s perspective. Whit the DJ will set the mood with an energetic mix of her eclectic beats. Then you’ll use GarageBand on iPad to experiment with beat making, sampling, editing, and scratch DJ tricks. All levels of experience are welcome and devices will be provided.

DJ Lamont

Owner, Fingersnaps Media Arts

DJ Lamont is owner of Fingersnaps Media Arts, a studio where music lovers can learn the art of DJing. He also hosts a house music and disco show called Fingersnaps Salons on community radio KPOO 89.5.

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Whit the DJ

DJ and Educator

Whit the DJ is a native of Queens and currently lives in Oakland. She is inspired by an eclectic mix of genres including hip-hop,R&B, pop, and house, and a newfound passion for soft rock.

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Fingersnaps Media Arts

Educational and Artistic Space

Fingersnaps Media Arts is an educational and artistic space in San Francisco where music enthusiasts can explore their passion for DJing. They offer classes and workshops, and host community events.

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