Music Lab: Editing a Mix with Red Corvette

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Join Red Corvette as she shares stories about her rise to DJ fame in the Bay Area and what she’s learned about building community along the way. She’ll show you how she uses GarageBand on iPad to edit a mix and you’ll experiment with editing tracks to create your own mix style. Fredia and Jena Dominique from the It’s A Look podcast will also host a Q&A with the artist.

Red Corvette

Co-founder, Women Sound Off

Red Corvette, born Carmena Victoria, is a DJ, event planner, and co-founder of the Women Sound Off Festival. She started her music career as an intern for 106 KMEL and is currently the tour DJ for Rayana Jay.

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Fredia and Jena Dominique

Co-hosts of It’s A Look

The It’s A Look podcast presents fresh views on the people you may know but not know much about. Co-hosts Fredia and Jena Dominique focus on conversations about creative expression and entrepreneurship.

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