StoryMakers Festival Block Party

Music Lab: Writing Rap Verses with Msia Kibona Clark

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Pen your own rap verse and celebrate the power of storytelling with African hip-hop scholar Msia Kibona Clark. She’ll share her passion for creating social change by empowering others through representation. You’ll explore identity and write hip-hop lyrics on iPad, and enjoy a performance by Clark’s students. During Week 4, join more sessions in music as part of our six-week StoryMakers Festival.

Dr. Msia Kibona Clark

Professor at Howard University

Dr. Clark is an associate professor in the Department of African Studies. She has written about the intersection of hip-hop culture and politics in Africa. She produces the blog and podcast Hip Hop African.

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Join us on June 29–30 for a Block Party weekend to wrap up our festival. Hosted by No Kings Collective featuring artists Jamilla Okubo, MISS CHELOVE, Kimchi Juice, Rachel Couch, and District Dodger.

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