Music Lab: DJ on iPhone with Words Beats & Life

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Explore how to DJ on iPhone in the last of three sessions with Words Beats & Life. Founder Mazi A.E. Mutafa and instructor Ron “DJ RBI” Brown will share their passion for using hip-hop to create positive change through creative output. Using their techniques, you’ll experiment with iPhone as a DJ controller. Expand your skills in more sessions with Words Beats & Life every Wednesday in July.

Words Beats & Life

Hip-Hop Nonprofit

Words Beats & Life uses a holistic approach to transforming individuals and communities through learning experiences with hip-hop artists, scholars, educators, and allies.

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Mazi A.E. Mutafa

Executive Director

Mazi A.E. Mutafa founded Words Beats & Life in 2002. His organization began as an after-school program teaching the elements of hip-hop in a nontraditional classroom.

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Ron “DJ RBI” Brown

Artist and Music Producer

Ron Brown, known as DJ RBI, is a DJ, radio programmer, rap music producer, and visual artist. He produces shows on WPFW 89.3 FM. He has been a DJ instructor for Words Beats & Life for 16 years.

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