Performance: Gina Madrid

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Join us to mark the conclusion of Black History Month with a performance by Mexican-born Bay Area rapper Gina Madrid. Known for her passionate blend of hip-hop, punk, and Latin rock, she’ll be joined by her band to perform an intimate set of songs from her upcoming album. Then Madrid will talk about her creative process and collaboration with the Omi Arts series at the Ashara Ekundayo Gallery.

Gina Madrid

Latin Rapper

Gina Madrid, formerly Raw-G, was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is known for her distinct cross-cultural, multilingual, and politically charged performances.

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Ashara Ekundayo Gallery

Ashara Ekundayo Gallery in Oakland is an arts platform and project space that exclusively exhibits the work of black womxn and womxn of the African Diaspora. They host the interactive Omi Arts series.

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