Performance: Jack Larsen

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Songwriter Jack Larsen blends psychedelic and indie pop music with an authentic and direct style. Join us as he performs a set off his debut EP, Push-Ups, followed by a talk with Closed Sessions co-founder Alexander Fruchter. They’ll discuss songwriting, coming-of-age narratives in music, and what it means to be an emerging artist in Chicago’s indie pop community.

Jack Larsen

Songwriter & Recording Artist

Jack Larsen graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2018 and soon after signed with the indie label Closed Sessions. After the debut of his EP, Push-Ups, Larsen is working on his first full-length album.

Connect with Jack Larsen

Alexander Fruchter

Co-founder, Closed Sessions

Hip-hop veteran Alexander Fruchter helped establish the Closed Sessions record label and serves an assistant professor in the music business program at Columbia College Chicago.

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