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Photo Walk: Idea First, Image Second with Jarrett Hendrix

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Photographer Jarrett Hendrix likes to craft visual stories with intention. Join him to explore his creative process of starting with a story and being mindful of capturing the right photo to support it. Then with a narrative in mind and your iPhone in hand, you’ll set out to find the right moments to complete your own story. Our StoryMakers Festival continues during Week 3 with video sessions.

Jarrett Hendrix


Jarrett Hendrix is a D.C. artist who studies drawing, painting, carpentry, and photography. By combining these disciplines, Hendrix weaves storytelling and history into his work.

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6 weeks. 40 creators. From May 18 to June 29, learn from inspiring D.C. artists to shape your story through photo, video, music, and art. Then wrap up the festival with a weekend Block Party with No Kings Collective. Check here for updated sessions daily.

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