Photo Walk: Documenting Candid Moments with JJ Harris

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Bring your iPhone for a walk around Union Square with photographer JJ Harris as part of our Black History Month celebration. He’ll share tips for capturing vivid moments as stills and moving images and you’ll discover the editing techniques that he uses to bring his work to life. He’ll also talk about his collaboration with the Omi Arts series at the Ashara Ekundayo Gallery.

JJ Harris

Photographer and Filmmaker

Visual storyteller and creative entrepreneur JJ Harris travels the world in search of diverse and inclusive stories to document. His mission is to uplift and inspire the people he meets along the way.

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Ashara Ekundayo Gallery

Ashara Ekundayo Gallery in Oakland is an arts platform and project space that exclusively exhibits the work of black womxn and womxn of the African Diaspora. They host the interactive Omi Arts series.

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