Video Lab: Make a Skate Video with Chris and Jordin Martinez

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Join the founders of CREATE Skateboards and make a skate video. Chris and Jordin Martinez will share how their company is founded on the belief that anyone can create and how the DIY era has flourished with technology like iPhone. They’ll show you how to edit clips, add music, and use filters in iMovie on iPad. Skaters from the CREATE team will skate on Union Square while you film them.

Chris Martinez

Marketing & Operations, CREATE

Chris Martinez is an artist and musician with more than 30 years of experience in advertising for brands like Audi, Clorox, and Kellogg’s. At 21, he co-founded the men’s clothing brand FUMES.

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Jordin Martinez

Creative Director, CREATE

In 2012 at age 15, Jordin Martinez could not find the skate gear he wanted, so he co-founded CREATE Skateboards with his dad, Chris. Jordin made the startup money by selling his Xbox and learned graphic design.

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CREATE Skateboards

Skateboard & Apparel Company

CREATE Skateboards is a San Francisco–based skateboard and apparel company that is owned and operated by skaters. A portion of their proceeds goes toward conservation of endangered animals.

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