Video Lab: Designing Main Title Sequences with Sarofsky

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Create a main title sequence with Erin Sarofsky of Sarofsky Corp. As part of our Made by Women series, she and creative lead Duarte Elvas will share their process from brainstorming ideas through editing and titling a piece using iPad with Apple Pencil. They’ll also reveal the inspiration behind their Brooklyn Nine-Nine main title and other high-profile work. Devices will be provided.

Erin Sarofsky

President and Owner, Sarofsky

Erin Sarofsky founded the Sarofsky design company in 2009. She and her team of creatives produce innovative main title sequences for TV shows and blockbuster movies, like Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Connect with Erin Sarofsky

Duarte Elvas

Creative Lead, Sarofsky

Since becoming a full-time staff designer for Sarofsky in 2013, Elvas has worked on many of the company’s most high-profile projects, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange.

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